I am Not Getting Better At Writing Short Entries

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sims.pngUnlike some others around here, I'm still having trouble with this whole blogging thing. I love having a place to comment on, respond to, and analyze gaming news, but I seem to have a recurring Pascalian problem with writing long and rambling entries. It's a tricky form, it turns out. Not to worry - I'm past the busy weekend and ready to get back to writing, and I'll get the hang of this whole thing eventually. In the meantime, here's a bit of a link dump.

  • Happy Halloween! Here's a vegetable representation of our favorite little obsession.
  • And even more impressive, a life-sized example done in foam board and looking damn beautiful. [ETA: For the impatient, an unofficial cuddly version.]
  • Funny and I-swear-to-God-not-Portal-related bit of satire over at Sexy Videogameland. If you've ever played an RPG - well, pretty much any game, really - then you'll recognize this game cliche. [ETA: The saga continues.]
  • Yahtzee Crowshaw is absolutely brilliant, and his sarcastic reviews over at The Escapist are a new favorite stop on the web.
  • Keita Takahashi's in the news because he wants people to have a life outside of videogames, but mostly I want to point out his awesome hat.

Befitting the tossed-together nature of this post, something completely unrelated: Guitar Hero III came out yesterday and I'm trying to figure out if I should spring for the new Les Paul, or if I'm good with my old X-Plorers. Any advice?

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Jamie Antonisse Author Profile Page said:

More gold! I love the fact that Keita Takahashi is imploring people to wake up and examine the world beyond the screen while he is literally wearing his own video game.

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