Rebranding "The Portal Blog"

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wcc.pngBusy weekend, busy week; I've been stressed out and too busy to write. Expect more following this weekend, including: interactive fiction, gender and sexuality, and my wonderful companion cube t-shirt.

In the meantime, treat your ears with some more Portal-inspired music, courtesy of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Looks like the viral marketing is really starting to kick in; it seems that a lot of people are talking about Portal, and encouraging people who don't usually play games to check it out. This track, created by the aptly-named Victims of Science, is very well done and I will be listening to it alongside Still Alive for a while yet. Also, on that subject, check out this interview of Jonathan Coulton. Apparently Still Alive will see an official release over Steam before too long. And, Valve promised cake but never delivered. The cake is a lie!

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